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I dunno what entry. And this weekend I am getting job applications! - This Is My Live Journal. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I dunno what entry. And this weekend I am getting job applications! [Sep. 24th, 2004|12:01 pm]
[Current Mood |artisticAH I LEFT MY ART AT HOME!! AAH]
[Current Music |Postal Service.. And such.. Phantom Planet.]

Well, at the moment, I am sitting in Dunlop's office with Vanessa, and Mrs. Babcock. WOO HOO She did a good job singing today, good for her..

I have release right now and am really bored, and my jeans don't reach my ankles lol.. So.. I dunno, my ankles are kinda cold... i just gave the choir teacher two dollars for her lunch, and let me tell you, I feel very good about myself right now..lol..

I need to hurry up and update because I have to go get Vanessa lunch... But wait.. I GET to go get Vanessa lunch.. lol WHAT A FUN DAY..

Last weekend I did a lot of fun things.. Went to a lot of fun places, and same for this weekend... and the next and the one before the last one, and all the weekends of my life are just so damn fun and eventful.. YEAH BUDDY!

Um... School bites... All of my classes are SUPER easy.. And I have nothing to do in them most the time.. It just gets really boring after a while.. And I hate it.. But whatever.. I need to go get lunch for Vanessa..

Not much has happened lately in my life other than the usual.. Last night I went to dinner with Trudy, Holly, and Shanon at Taco Bell... Good stuff.. I eat there all the time because it is my FAVORITE! lol

Alright.. Gotta go..