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14 December
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I'm different, in a way that's so common.
abstract art, all things digital, ambition, animals, art school, barnyard animals, beach, beaches, being a dork, being a genius mom, big sunglasses, bike rides, board games, books, bright colors, brilliant amusements, calvin and hobbes, camping, canned hamm, canoeing, changes, chocolate milk, cinema, climbing trees, close friends, clubbin, coffee, computers, cooking, country roads, crushes, cuisine, dancing, dancing alone, design, donkeys, drawing, driving, drum n bass, eating a lot, education, equality, everything..., exploring, fashion, film, film cameras, films, first dates, food, freaks and geeks, french fries, friends, frogs, funny porn, fuzzy animal babies, games, genius, genuine life, going to shows, graphic design, hiking, honesty, ideas, internet, inventiveness, jet, jk rowling, joan jett, journey, kids in the hall, kissing, kissyfacing, lake swimming, late night phone calls, lateral thinking puzzles, laughing, led zeppelin, list making, live music, making out, mcdonalds, memoirs, michael moore, monkey's, movies, music, my name, mysteries, nature, odd connections, old friends, painting, panties, parties, people, philosophy, phone calls, pictures, pink floyd, poetry, polaroids, politics, post-it notes, potatoes, punk rock, reading, real world, ren and stimpy, retro modern, revolution, riddles, road trips, rolling stones, sesame street, short hair, simpsons, sleep, snuggling, social change, spanish food, stars, stop the hate, style, summer, sunday mornings, sunshine, taco bell, talking, the rolling stones, things made of wood, thinkers, tiny houses, traveling, twins, vagina club, visionaries, visual art, wading, web design, wendys, wisdom, writing, yahtzee, yeah right!, yeah yeah yeahs, yo-yos, your enemies friends, youth